Father advice

The greatest advice I have  ever received was from my father, was about life love and money.he said who you with and know that your enemy is the one who wants to take food from your children’s table.” I do not know if he stole this from another author or it was his original quote but to me up today this has groomed the man I am today as I guard my money with my heart and I hold it dear.

I realise most of my blogs I write that are personal to which makes a lot of sense to me for it makes my readers relate to the type of person i am. Money issues mean alot to me for i believe the status u obtain as a human being are from the money you and it also give u options in life.Life is about having the options and i believ if money matters are close to yours hearts.

This significances makes me realise that i need the right money structures when it comes to who i deal with and determining who i partner with when i do business as well as advertising my son.we living in the diaspora, for me and my offspring we intend to retire and go back to Africa for retirement so was thinking of the best financial partners.I opened a money market account with high interest as a retirement account for me to make my monthly savings so need ed a good source to do the money deliverance for me for as long as I as working that’s when i joined mukuru.com to send money home to south africa for my other siblings and friends also safe sending and depositing for my retirement. so i guess i should thank my dads advice for the good advice.

i have made a good in mukuru.com because of my Dads advice


sports and mental fitness

The oil machine effect have every one working out on the treadmill with the illusion they would have total fitness both mental and physically so thinking about the balance of both these effects and how it also influence weight balance.Sports plays a big role in the moulding and shaping of the body both physically and mentally.

The levels of body state can influence both great and superb results in clinical psychology as the body is very essential package to everyone’s life. writing this piece want to motivate people to become more athletic and to take good care of their bodies.Sports is a good for achieving for the body health as well s mental well being.

  • This health article will help you to:
  • Control over pre-competition anxiety
  • Laser sharp concentration
  • Unshakeable belief and confidence
  • Supreme mental toughness
  • Higher levels of motivation

For every sport the mind plays a very vital role its not that the physical endurance so its good to take of both these the sides of these disciplines. Being fir also influence the fat to muscle balance so i believe having everything in the right propotions can have achieved the oil machine effect to be what u feel it is healthy but a balance is all you need


south african justice system

There is a lot of talk about the judiciary system in South Africa in terms of  trials  i was looking at the shocking dismissals of three high profile cases and the matter two murder accuse have been let to go free because of either good legal defence or inconsistency from witnesses.

Three murder trials have been thrown out  molemo jub jub maarohaye, oscar pistorius and the latest shrein dewani are these really fair trial that have seen such brutality and lives taken away of two ladies and a child. Brutality to women is a far bigger crime than killing the person i see so the men will just decide they wont live you to speak of it as they get away with murder rather than assault.

lets look at the family members perspective even of the accused have great lawyer we cannot take away the human factor that life was taken away cannot be replaced but its better that the perpetrators of such inhuman behaviour be punished.

Hope the judiciary will tighten the screws on the offenders because the live loss rate and the acquittal rate is not something any judiciary system be proud of esp


The house money effect

THe house money effect The theory of investors in taking higher risks with profit from a good investment has become norm in the new trading world.This has resulted in the trade getting a name the house market effect.House money effect is a robust phenomenon but few scholars explain the mechanism of it well. So is it really a real syndrome or its a myth.

The behavioural pattern of a pattern is mainly described by the way they want to limit the loss effect either literally or a s mental effect on humans. Most decision making processes are made with the loss effect in mind, People do not like to lose money so they take less risks with their money.

The underlying effect of the house money effect is underlined by how much an organisation can invest with capital they have obtained from the directors rather than the profit recognised received from successful investment project.

Most economic investment risks are taken with assessment of the forecast of organisation principalities so that’s taking the risks and we see the element of wanting to risk more on investments returns thereby the effect of the house money effect.


The complex life of not telling the truth and the growth of a little white lie to be a huge lie is very easy.The ultimate simplicity factor of telling the truth has since evaded this generation.I have realised that telling the truth no matter how hard the consequences are.

When you have lied for you to support the lie you have to come up a story that will need to support the lie thereby implicating people making a matter which could have been handled out of hand. the most beautiful things in life are accomplished by telling the truth and maintained by sticking to that.

The focus that is maintained from taking a lot of time thinking about lies.so people for the benefit of having a remarkable heritage for the coming generation. so lets go out there and not spread lies and rather build on the truth.

the secrets to beating hidden costs

It is no secret that the banking sector has been the most profitable sector since the world civilisation. They have been leading the sector for such a long time they have been overcharging customers and its high time people have an alternative.Today I want to look at another topic and a sector banks have making truck loads of money in bank fees which is the money transfer sector.

Bank hide huge fees in their exchange rate when transferring money with slogans like no fees or no commission which is very misleading until you go on remittance websites you would see how this has been day time robbery when you could being 10pc rather the 34pc the banks have been charging us since the turn of civilisation.

Since my wife had gone for holiday in South Africa they enjoyed so much they wanted to take an extra week so I decided to survey, how I could send them some extra income that’s how I got to go across a remittance company which is efficient and really pocket friendly.

I ran across a website mukuru.com it was a breath of fresh air as I could transfer money into their money hustle free at work it is one of the changes the world has been through so, i believe its time to not be robbed any more and have a fair remittance prize so i advice to look at other alternatives rather than the good old fashion banking sector.









The gender ratio of man to women has escalated to the fact it will be deemed unfair for man to be married to one woman.It is every persons legal right to be able to have the option of marrying even if they do not want to exercise it.

When people talk of polygamy in modern cultures it is mainly enlisted as a traditional practise but well new words have been called just to make it seem normal with new terms like “side chick” main chick just but a few just to even out the women to man ration since the difference has since been widen by the increase in gay legalities in the world.

Is it our right to give each woman a change to marriage so why not make it legal for women to date men whether married or not since the ratio has rocked to 1:6 which is extreme in some areas were there are wars.Most men would go to the war making the ratio in some areas escalate to 1:12

in other areas like Nepal the opposite is true as there are more men than women so the ratios are a little bit deceiving make it legal for the people to traditionally legalise wife sharing and they calling it polyandry.

went across to witness it is working for them for i see they are getting along providing for their children and well wait for their turn with the women to provide them all with children.I guess it wont work in our African tradition with men competitive side will not live in harmony with one woman..

digital solutions

The revolutionary use of cyber money has grown the movement of business throughout the globe. With the improvement of the learning systems in the software engineering industry has shown the increase of cyber solution and crimes. so the think tanks decided on using the same principality global leaders have decided in the law improvement of a leading provider of critical threat assessment and advanced crime analytics software.

A lot of leading companies have developed and are employed to safe keep electronic money systems also as safekeeping the judicial solutions of money movements within the globe like Wynyard and Arquebus solutions. with these companies working together has also made the global money market movement companies like mukuru.com.Which specialise in the movement of money across boarders like the solutions of send money directly into accounts in South Africa from the United Kingdom.

The prevention of cyber money crimes like money laundering and also the organised crimes solutions had to be formulated and organisation that bear such certification of protection of safe and reliable.


Your behaviour today determines how people will treat you and look at you. Respect is something earned things that you have overcame that determines how people will look at you.so respect is a very delicate issue for it can be easily be exhaled or damaged.  So your behaviour today determines what and how people will look at you.

It is not really small victories that earns you the respect but the endurances through the hard times that will get people to acknowledge your efforts.The rivers you crossed without bridges like one of the popular African songs would say.So then how do we respect a person is it merely because of the scars or the victories. The scars so would you gain this experience if the struggles do not materialise then its time wasted?

So its not the past victories that defines you or that motivates you to earn the respect, that you deserve and the dignity and gratification that you need to earn this respect that you surely deserve. I take it the time for just respecting people for age and white hair has gone. Growing in stature does not mean you command respect wherever you go. Victories that a person has gone through and achieved and the way they moved after that really earns a person so just being victorious does not prove that you deserve of the respect.

Breaking grounds and enlightening people on the things they were adamant about really shows the  how determination also get people to respect your point of view. Robert Nesta Marley popularly known as Bob Marley really stood ground on his art of music to showcase his poetry through music and struggled through but gained respect because of sticking and being victorious in putting his massage across attained respect.

So your plans for the future and the way you live today question how people will look at you from here for it will determine how people will look at you in the future. Be a better person so the respect will be easy for people to give you because just your presence commands it.



clothes the feeling it exhorts

Does dressing define way you are? I believe looking good and smelling good makes you more confident.rocking a nice 6 breast slim fit Italian suit with gold cuff ling as I walked into the protea hotel in South Africa, I commanded so much respect. Services I was getting was nothing par excellent.

The sense of control of driving the latest auto mobile like the jaguar XJ holding the latest Samsung note 4 as my daily planner i felt i had it all to charm my way out of the millions my business needed from the investors meeting that was to take place. So the illusion of the elegance I was feeling came from source outsources like clothes and drinks cars phones felt very materialistic.

The world perception of what is good what is classy starts with sight and what is represented by certain aspects of the fashion sense.Designs material are different but the feelings that they exhort are amazingly different.The status call and feeling is the installed to us as we grow that you need to dress up to feel this way.The mirror is the confirms the feeling that you feel as you look for women it takes more than 2 hours just to decide on what to wear for the feeling.

the way we view clothes differs because cultural heritages function occasion and weather but conlusion is the what is important is how u feel when you wearing what you wearing and rocking the walk down the street.