Commonwealth of Nations

The Common wealth is an intergovernmental union of 53 countries that were mostly invaded by the British Empire. The Commonwealth operates by intergovernmental understanding of the member state, organised through the secretariat of the union. Now that we have it down what it is we should now talk of how it has exploited us from our wealth that most of us are employed by multinational structures. This is our wealth that they put in the mainstream of her majesty.

Most of the skilled commonwealth people have been united but her majesty language and  the traditional sports that give the Great Britain the domain of the  English. Though we have obtained a lot of heritage the i want to dwell on the sporting element that have grown so accustomed to at an early age.Soccer, cricket and rugby have dominated us but the native South Africa putting domain in these sports with their team the proteas, springboks and bafana bafana.

The springbok South African rugby team is a force to wreck-en with as the teams domestic league is very strong and they seem to be unshakeable and have done a foot better the inventors.with triumph in all major levels of the sport shows the strides the forward. The proteas have also done proud standing on top of all nations as a great one day international side and test also the latest short format the T20.

The development of these sports are great produce of the imperialistic behaviour and ideologies but the good also is the union and the trade also we have a uniting factor in sport.


bio metrical advances in international fraud

Today, Advances in international fraud and money movement and the dimensions in which the world is being brought closer to each other with communication, it makes so much sense that the financial sector adopt to the changes as well by making the trade lines more strict to curb the few individuals that would feel the need to beat the system with criminal intentions.

Most international banks have resorted in to installing bio metrical security measures to the movement of finances across the globe. The risk factor when it comes this sector is very high to the measures help the protection and make it safer to make transactions on your credit card or debit card to different parts of the world even in the same country.

We also did a survey my friends and I, checking out the trend patterns of human behaviour and as much as people talk spend time together even if in the vicinity you could never have the same DNA. The biological uniqueness has made it possible to form back up of every type of security voice pattern, finger print and eye have the most unique and distinct. Which means you can be more relaxed and feel that your financial securities to travel across the broad spectrum of the globe and not being able to afraid to transact although within the regulations of local legislations and judicial rules.

So its a safer environment to move money from one country to another i recalled  my friend mark sent some money quite recently with a good international financial institution We were so impressed how fast effecient the site was and safe to send money tyo our daughter in universities so now im pretty impressed by the fiancial revolutions in the business sector

Send Money Home without a Bank

Have you seen those advertisements around Cape Town, South Africa about “not needing a bank to send money back home to your loved ones,” promoting the money transfer services through ShopRite. Now I have been in the queues in ShopRite with people waiting to send money or collect money from their loved ones abroad. Sure you can send money home without a bank, but what a time commitment! A few lessons to learn:

Sure you can send money home to Zimbabwe without the use of a bank.

OR you could save time and get a better rate by going online (or calling an online money transfer company that sends money to Zim). Once you send money home online once and Register yourself, you make it that much easier to transfer money with just a few clicks or a simple phone call! Some online companies are even geared for support and service through Skype.

You can check the exchange rates online throughout the day to get the best deals. When you’ve been waiting in a long line at the shops you’re just desperate to get the process over with, sacrificing time and money! Be smart about sending money to Zimbabwe– make sure the majority of your money gets to Zim, not spent on the money transfer process!

Sending money online is also rewarding experience for your friends and family. Look for affiliate programs to save even more when you tell a friend about how much money and time you saved by sending money to Zimbabwe online! The online money transfer companies that I know of that have loyalty programs are Moneybookers, and Mukuru.  The latter offers a new pyramid scheme allowing for growing tiers of savings. From the looks of it, you could be earning savings on sending money to Zimbabwe from friends of friends of friends. Not surprising that sending money online has the potential to connect Zimbabweans around the world.

Send Money Home Online: Save Money Online

Can money really change hands INSTANTLY? If one wanted to send money home today, using online money transfer companies such as Xoom or Mukuru is your best bet. There are so many advantages to sending money home with online money transfer companies, but let’s focus on one of the real perks that you just can’t get when using the bigger guys: Loyalty Programmes.

Loyalty or affiliate programmes that provide money saving incentives and network building capabilities. Some online money transfer companies offer discounts if you send a certain number of orders, but with the fees that they charge these discounts hardly seem worth it. Here is an example of a money transfer company’s programme that actually works:

  1. You want to send money back home, to South Africa, for example. So you register with and receive an affiliate code once you’ve placed your first order.
  2. When you tell people about Mukuru and ask them to sign up, they are given a chance to quote your code, they get a discount if they do, and you get the same discount sent to your account for your next transaction.
  3. Great, now if you tell your friends about the great service and rates you received at Mukuru, and if they sign up and quote your code, they get a discount, and you earn a little credit to be used on your future orders. In fact, if your friend transfers any money to South Africa within the next year, you’ll earn credit on your account with Mukuru.
  4. It keeps going! If your friend introduces his or her friends, when they send money home with Mukuru, you’ll earn credit AND your friend will earn credit, AS WELL!
  5. And MORE. When friends of friends recommend Mukuru and earn affiliate credit by transferring money, you still earn credit.

Sending money online keeps everyone connected and earning! I haven’t encountered a better programme that allows you to constantly earn money back when you place orders. Can you suggest other money transfer services that offer similar programmes?

Fans of Sending Money Home TODAY

What’s great about using online money transfer companies is not only that they’re the fastest, cheapest, and most innovative way to send money home…. they also provide transparency and familiarity that some of the bigger corporations such as Western Union cannot.  Social networking sites let you feel like you’re a part of the process and know how and where your money is being transferred. There’s nothing like being reassured that sending money online is safe by seeing that others trust the company enough to become a fan on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many sites post their exchange rates on their Twitter feeds too, making sure you’re up to date on the cheapest way to send money home.

Helpful Links for Sending Money Home

Before sending money home it is important to do a little research, comparing prices and fees for different remittance services, in order to get the most for your transaction. Here are a few resources that I’ve found helpful in familiarizing oneself with the process and pricing matrix surrounding transferring money around the world.

Migration Information Source is unmatched in their research and data on remittance and migration flows. The site is filled with tools, data, and facts so you can really know your stuff. I would recommend the data hub for country specific info.

Remittance Prices Worldwide, sponsored by the World Bank is a definitive comparison and remittance data source that aims to promote transparency in order to lower money transfer fees.

Southern African Migration Project provides current and thorough research on remittances and development

Sending Money Home and Moving Money are helpful too, but don’t feature my favorite money transfer company.

Currency Calculator — clear and up to date exchange rates, always make sure you’re getting a FAIR rate.

Plus, don’t forget to ask your friends, too! Sometimes checking with loved ones about how they prefer to receive and send money is the most trusted way of sending money home!

Send Money Home Today

How do I send money home today? Here are the basics to making sure your money transfer gets to where you need it to be TODAY:

  1. Go to and sign up as a new User (make sure to note your affiliate code to give to friends and family to earn credit on your next order and theirs). OR Call their office and speak with someone who can place an order in just a few minutes.
  2. Decide if you’d like your family or friends to collect US$ or Rand when they pick up their cash.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to send or have received and calculate the currency exchange.
  4. Choose the bank and branch you’d like your family or friends to collect their cash.
  5. Enter your card details.
  6. An email and SMS confirmation will be sent to you, and an SMS voucher will be sent to your family or friends who can go to the specified bank and collect their cash. SORTED!

Other options to consider are going to your nearest InterAfrica branch or Western Union office, but the above example is the fastest way to get your money transfered to Zimbabwe.