Facts or Science vs myth

What people believe to be real tends to affect their judgment and that which they hold true in their minds manifests itself in reality. But how far would your thoughts reveal themselves in the real world.

In my youthful days I remember a close friend giving me an answer about folktales and myth when I asked him if he believed in such, and his answer gave me a reason to want to believe because it just made sense. He said, if there is a Shona and English name of what ever you had to question, chances are, it has to be real.

As a religious person I first thought of God. Even before colonization, our ancestors prayed to Mwari, so hence that theory was proved correct. I then went on to think of ghosts. In Shona we have a word for them Chipoko, and thought the stories we heard in the countryside, to me that was real as well. There were plenty other things which had Shona names and most were in my imagination, and the fact that we could call whatever it is in Shona, it became my measurement of what could be real as opposed to what is just fairytales.

When I became an adult, and had better judgment, it became clear to me that I should not just accept everything, until I saw it with my own eyes. I do still believe in God and am strong in my faith because I see His work all around me and He actually sent his Son Jesus as a manifestation of his existence.

Most of the stuff I removed from my “belief list” as I still need convincing of their existence. Recently, there are some things which I have seen to deserve reservation, such as the sacred Chinoyi caves where people used to and are still disappearing, for example the recent disappearance of Zimbabwean Tourist Zayd Dada.

Not to mention the Nyanga mountains where people are said to disappear after saying anything bad in the mountains.

Then there is the story of Simbarashe Kamupondera of Nyeredzi Apostolic sect, whose followers believe to be abducted by mermaids. According to his followers he drowned in a river during a cleansing ceremony in Epworth in full view of witnesses. he suddenly disappeared under the waters surface while baptizing a female congregant.

Installations of water pumps for irrigation in a Mutare were stopped after reports of mermaid sightings and according to Water Resources Minister, essential work was stopped during creation of planned reservoirs in Zimbabwe as workers were reporting to be hounded away by mermaids.

There might be some paranormal activity happening around the world which we cannot just ignore. There are also areas around the world such as the Bermuda Triangle where planes have gone of the radar after flying in that area. I guess it all comes down to what one would believe as an individual


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