Making money online

The Internet is a very dangerous place for the naive, and many people have been ripped of by scammers who claim to make them an overnight fortune. I remember back in 2002, when my friends used to claim to have anonymous emails from some people from Nigeria claiming to need help retrieving their inheritance, I had no idea that 12 years down the line, my spam box would be full of over 1000 different variations of such emails.

This does not just happenĀ  in you regular email inbox, but even on social networking sites such as Facebook as well. The culprits would put on a picture of an innocent girl claiming that their father, who was an army general, minister, or king died, and his inheritance was left for the poor girl who cannot access it (for some dumb reason) and that they need help to get those funds, in return your would get a slice of the supposed fortunes. You may think it is funny, but some people who are new to the on-line scene do get sucked into these scams and pay a hefty price for not being so cautious with their hard earned money.

Some people believe that someone somewhere around the world would just hand them a generous amount of money for nothing. I do not blame the gullible person for being scammed, it is after all human nature to be greedy and vain. However people need to understand what happens in the Internet world, before just taking the reins in their hands to become an overnight millionaire. I think society is to blame, for spreading the notion that people are making money on-line, without being specific about how the money is made.

Yes it is possible to become rich from capitalizing the Internet, but it is not an easy road as most people assume. it takes a lot of hard work and dedication . Of course there are those who make a killing for developing an application or social networking site, but that requires some in depth knowledge in coding, which most people do not have so they go for the easier option requiring one to deposit an X amount of money and expect 1000% growth in a short period of time.

I am putting it out there, people make money on-line from blogging, drop shipping, virtual assistance, free lancing skills e-commerce, adwords, affliliates and other platforms, none of which inloves injecting a huge some of money, and expecting it to be tripled in 5 days, with you just sitting. The web is full of adverts claiming that someone can make $500 dollars in fifteen minutes. Someone needs to use common sense and really ask themselves, what is the catch. If there is no clear path of how that money would be made, my best advice would be to leave that opportunity for someone else rather than cry fowl later on.


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