How computers have impacted lives over the years

A computer is a programmable machine which processes input data to output information. I doubt the inventors of computers ahd any idea how the machine would impact the world.

Back in the day, a computer would consume half a room, but nowadays, it can fit in the comfort of your own pocket, this goes to show how technology has progressed over the years.

There are many types of computers, with the popular being the desktop computer, laptops, smart phones, tablets, palm tops and mainframes which are not popular for public use, but for large institutions, that need to store large amounts of data.

Originally invented by Charles Babbage in 1833 as a tool for measuring navigational calculations, a number of scientists have worked on the original prototype, since 1930  making changes and innovating it into the modern computer.

Portable computers became popular in the 1990’s and this spurred on the need to miniaturize computers, as laptops became popular. Without the advent of smartphones, being the smallest a computer get get, we would not have imagine a world whee large amounts of data are processed at the same time as well as much information being transferred around the world. It is in fact the biggest thing to happen since the airplane was invented making people to be able to travel around the world with ease.


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