cultural disintergration

I believe in culture being brought up with a traditional African male who believe in sovereignty and upholding antihistorical beliefs. Econometrics have made me emigrate from place of birth in search for education and stability.

The multicultural elements of the new place of living has changed the way I live 3 years down the line, I am amazed at how a person can easily change the way they are and they live because of the change of ways of living.

So I wonder to myself are we really that easily influenced of our cultural that a mere change in environment can change the way we live and our thought process to be as easily disintegrated by the simple change in place of living as well as dynamics of environment.

I wish to find out from us as a forum how strong are the cultural believes and so can we stand stand strong to protected and preserve our beliefs so that they cant be disintegrated for the future generations to identified by our family culture.

So is the change an involvement of the way we are or our we losing our preservation for I believe the change of packaging is good but we can maintain a the basic for the betterment of our future a proud cultural people. Like chocolates you can change the wrapper but maintaining the flavour taste in recipes and the processing process you can maintain a distinctive taste that shows the pride of culture. So change in time can be well influence to change in livelihood but should not change the African pride in us of culture.

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