the behavioural pattern

Today, I am posting with a heavy heart one of my peers and friend has departed from us. may her soul rest in peace and  should wish her well in her journey home. The changes in behavioural patterns being shown by the youths of today its astonishingly sad. I was thinking how when we grew up, I could take a stroll with my friends after supper and just hang out and it was pretty safe.

Evening study sessions were every student lifestyle, as that was  the available time for extra understanding of work  but this has turned out to be prey ground for perves and rapist. My dearly departed friend fell into the trap of these inhuman experiences im just happy she did not live to relive such inhumane behaviours.

whats the cause of these change of behaviour and brought about such  barbaric traits, is it external forces like television and literature influencing our pattern of humane lifestyle. the sudden change of behaviour has to b curbed and adjusted the psychosis of the next generation has to be moulded for the good.

my plan of action for a bettter and safer living space , people  stand up for the right to freedom and stop  the decay of our societies and environment. the change begins with you every positive ideology that u install to family friends next door neighbour their children will make a change on the future. what do u think can we built a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren


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