keep believing

I like travelling and experiencing different attractions and sites went to south Africa quiet recently and I must say the scenery was amazing the weather was too confusing weather to wear sweater a vest or a shirt it changed so many times I decided to were all of the as i was at the beach sunbathing I realised the shape and the sizes of all stones that I was encountering and the magnificent appearance was astonishing.

The difference I s appearance of the stones was because of the time they spent in molten state diamonds  and copper comes from the same the worth is determined by the time the they stayed and the cooling processes. we are who we are and the time we bounce back from disappointments and the hardships we go through in life.

Everything we through hardship and disappointments believe better days are around the corner the things we go through makes us who we are and the way we react to things makes us better people. as a Christian I think these are tests from God to see if I can believe in my hard time I am being prepared for a greater purpose. The stone apearances is like a scare on a person it shows how it has succeded from all it has grown through the shapes and the size is the victory of believing.

so keep your head up believe and greater days are coming.


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