mental colonialism

The beliefs that stereotype people because of race and the comparison that, one is better than others has been installed in us for such long time.I  believe that a policy installed in people to control the thought process of other people. This has controlled our societies and nations, I remember when I was growing up, changing suburb into a low density for a certain type of race would cause a panic for it removed people from comfort zones.

Have the society really levelled to a place were certain institution have also given loans and jobs to a different race because of the  stereotype trends instead of the individualism or the true definition of who is the better candidate. I have have been thinking are we still globally colonised that a black president for america caused so much noise.

I believe him running the country well should be a sign to his race that even his race can be able to run a powerful state and not run it down so all financial institutions when you giving out loans the credit rankings for the African race has to change because of Obama. so I believe we can live as human beings rather white of black we all grey the mindset moulding processes should us being proud of who we are being bold and kinked hair is the new beautiful.

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