Father advice

The greatest advice I have ¬†ever received was from my father, was about life love and money.he said who you with and know that your enemy is the one who wants to take food from your children’s table.” I do not know if he stole this from another author or it was his original quote but to me up today this has groomed the man I am today as I guard my money with my heart and I hold it dear.

I realise most of my blogs I write that are personal to which makes a lot of sense to me for it makes my readers relate to the type of person i am. Money issues mean alot to me for i believe the status u obtain as a human being are from the money you and it also give u options in life.Life is about having the options and i believ if money matters are close to yours hearts.

This significances makes me realise that i need the right money structures when it comes to who i deal with and determining who i partner with when i do business as well as advertising my son.we living in the diaspora, for me and my offspring we intend to retire and go back to Africa for retirement so was thinking of the best financial partners.I opened a money market account with high interest as a retirement account for me to make my monthly savings so need ed a good source to do the money deliverance for me for as long as I as working that’s when i joined mukuru.com to send money home to south africa for my other siblings and friends also safe sending and depositing for my retirement. so i guess i should thank my dads advice for the good advice.

i have made a good in mukuru.com because of my Dads advice


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