Commonwealth of Nations

The Common wealth is an intergovernmental union of 53 countries that were mostly invaded by the British Empire. The Commonwealth operates by intergovernmental understanding of the member state, organised through the secretariat of the union. Now that we have it down what it is we should now talk of how it has exploited us from our wealth that most of us are employed by multinational structures. This is our wealth that they put in the mainstream of her majesty.

Most of the skilled commonwealth people have been united but her majesty language and  the traditional sports that give the Great Britain the domain of the  English. Though we have obtained a lot of heritage the i want to dwell on the sporting element that have grown so accustomed to at an early age.Soccer, cricket and rugby have dominated us but the native South Africa putting domain in these sports with their team the proteas, springboks and bafana bafana.

The springbok South African rugby team is a force to wreck-en with as the teams domestic league is very strong and they seem to be unshakeable and have done a foot better the inventors.with triumph in all major levels of the sport shows the strides the forward. The proteas have also done proud standing on top of all nations as a great one day international side and test also the latest short format the T20.

The development of these sports are great produce of the imperialistic behaviour and ideologies but the good also is the union and the trade also we have a uniting factor in sport.


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