clothes the feeling it exhorts

Does dressing define way you are? I believe looking good and smelling good makes you more confident.rocking a nice 6 breast slim fit Italian suit with gold cuff ling as I walked into the protea hotel in South Africa, I commanded so much respect. Services I was getting was nothing par excellent.

The sense of control of driving the latest auto mobile like the jaguar XJ holding the latest Samsung note 4 as my daily planner i felt i had it all to charm my way out of the millions my business needed from the investors meeting that was to take place. So the illusion of the elegance I was feeling came from source outsources like clothes and drinks cars phones felt very materialistic.

The world perception of what is good what is classy starts with sight and what is represented by certain aspects of the fashion sense.Designs material are different but the feelings that they exhort are amazingly different.The status call and feeling is the installed to us as we grow that you need to dress up to feel this way.The mirror is the confirms the feeling that you feel as you look for women it takes more than 2 hours just to decide on what to wear for the feeling.

the way we view clothes differs because cultural heritages function occasion and weather but conlusion is the what is important is how u feel when you wearing what you wearing and rocking the walk down the street.


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