Your behaviour today determines how people will treat you and look at you. Respect is something earned things that you have overcame that determines how people will look at respect is a very delicate issue for it can be easily be exhaled or damaged.  So your behaviour today determines what and how people will look at you.

It is not really small victories that earns you the respect but the endurances through the hard times that will get people to acknowledge your efforts.The rivers you crossed without bridges like one of the popular African songs would say.So then how do we respect a person is it merely because of the scars or the victories. The scars so would you gain this experience if the struggles do not materialise then its time wasted?

So its not the past victories that defines you or that motivates you to earn the respect, that you deserve and the dignity and gratification that you need to earn this respect that you surely deserve. I take it the time for just respecting people for age and white hair has gone. Growing in stature does not mean you command respect wherever you go. Victories that a person has gone through and achieved and the way they moved after that really earns a person so just being victorious does not prove that you deserve of the respect.

Breaking grounds and enlightening people on the things they were adamant about really shows the  how determination also get people to respect your point of view. Robert Nesta Marley popularly known as Bob Marley really stood ground on his art of music to showcase his poetry through music and struggled through but gained respect because of sticking and being victorious in putting his massage across attained respect.

So your plans for the future and the way you live today question how people will look at you from here for it will determine how people will look at you in the future. Be a better person so the respect will be easy for people to give you because just your presence commands it.



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