the secrets to beating hidden costs

It is no secret that the banking sector has been the most profitable sector since the world civilisation. They have been leading the sector for such a long time they have been overcharging customers and its high time people have an alternative.Today I want to look at another topic and a sector banks have making truck loads of money in bank fees which is the money transfer sector.

Bank hide huge fees in their exchange rate when transferring money with slogans like no fees or no commission which is very misleading until you go on remittance websites you would see how this has been day time robbery when you could being 10pc rather the 34pc the banks have been charging us since the turn of civilisation.

Since my wife had gone for holiday in South Africa they enjoyed so much they wanted to take an extra week so I decided to survey, how I could send them some extra income that’s how I got to go across a remittance company which is efficient and really pocket friendly.

I ran across a website it was a breath of fresh air as I could transfer money into their money hustle free at work it is one of the changes the world has been through so, i believe its time to not be robbed any more and have a fair remittance prize so i advice to look at other alternatives rather than the good old fashion banking sector.








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