south african justice system

There is a lot of talk about the judiciary system in South Africa in terms of  trials  i was looking at the shocking dismissals of three high profile cases and the matter two murder accuse have been let to go free because of either good legal defence or inconsistency from witnesses.

Three murder trials have been thrown out  molemo jub jub maarohaye, oscar pistorius and the latest shrein dewani are these really fair trial that have seen such brutality and lives taken away of two ladies and a child. Brutality to women is a far bigger crime than killing the person i see so the men will just decide they wont live you to speak of it as they get away with murder rather than assault.

lets look at the family members perspective even of the accused have great lawyer we cannot take away the human factor that life was taken away cannot be replaced but its better that the perpetrators of such inhuman behaviour be punished.

Hope the judiciary will tighten the screws on the offenders because the live loss rate and the acquittal rate is not something any judiciary system be proud of esp


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