The gender ratio of man to women has escalated to the fact it will be deemed unfair for man to be married to one woman.It is every persons legal right to be able to have the option of marrying even if they do not want to exercise it.

When people talk of polygamy in modern cultures it is mainly enlisted as a traditional practise but well new words have been called just to make it seem normal with new terms like “side chick” main chick just but a few just to even out the women to man ration since the difference has since been widen by the increase in gay legalities in the world.

Is it our right to give each woman a change to marriage so why not make it legal for women to date men whether married or not since the ratio has rocked to 1:6 which is extreme in some areas were there are wars.Most men would go to the war making the ratio in some areas escalate to 1:12

in other areas like Nepal the opposite is true as there are more men than women so the ratios are a little bit deceiving make it legal for the people to traditionally legalise wife sharing and they calling it polyandry.

went across to witness it is working for them for i see they are getting along providing for their children and well wait for their turn with the women to provide them all with children.I guess it wont work in our African tradition with men competitive side will not live in harmony with one woman..

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