money transfer

imagesThe banking sector is the oldest money profiteer since the start of civilisation. The dominant nature of the banking sector in money movement as made most one country to the other.Since its the frequently used system does not make it the most affordable.

The costs of transferring money from one country to another using the banking structure is around 34% using the banks and this is very high for which they marketing it saying no charges or extra costs when the charge the recipient and their exaggerated rates.

the use of cheap peer to peer technology has made other money wiring options cheaper for the money movement audience.Financial services such as foreign exchange has been ripe for disruption going back decades.These new technological advancements has caused major challenges to the predominant finance service providers.

i have opted to change my finance transfer services to a cheaper remittance companies so i have opted to use for my transfer to South Africa were my family is for the cheaper and reliable services. Do not be robbed make wise decision for you could save a lot of money.


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