Commonwealth of Nations

The Common wealth is an intergovernmental union of 53 countries that were mostly invaded by the British Empire. The Commonwealth operates by intergovernmental understanding of the member state, organised through the secretariat of the union. Now that we have it down what it is we should now talk of how it has exploited us from our wealth that most of us are employed by multinational structures. This is our wealth that they put in the mainstream of her majesty.

Most of the skilled commonwealth people have been united but her majesty language and  the traditional sports that give the Great Britain the domain of the  English. Though we have obtained a lot of heritage the i want to dwell on the sporting element that have grown so accustomed to at an early age.Soccer, cricket and rugby have dominated us but the native South Africa putting domain in these sports with their team the proteas, springboks and bafana bafana.

The springbok South African rugby team is a force to wreck-en with as the teams domestic league is very strong and they seem to be unshakeable and have done a foot better the inventors.with triumph in all major levels of the sport shows the strides the forward. The proteas have also done proud standing on top of all nations as a great one day international side and test also the latest short format the T20.

The development of these sports are great produce of the imperialistic behaviour and ideologies but the good also is the union and the trade also we have a uniting factor in sport.


keep believing

I like travelling and experiencing different attractions and sites went to south Africa quiet recently and I must say the scenery was amazing the weather was too confusing weather to wear sweater a vest or a shirt it changed so many times I decided to were all of the as i was at the beach sunbathing I realised the shape and the sizes of all stones that I was encountering and the magnificent appearance was astonishing.

The difference I s appearance of the stones was because of the time they spent in molten state diamonds  and copper comes from the same the worth is determined by the time the they stayed and the cooling processes. we are who we are and the time we bounce back from disappointments and the hardships we go through in life.

Everything we through hardship and disappointments believe better days are around the corner the things we go through makes us who we are and the way we react to things makes us better people. as a Christian I think these are tests from God to see if I can believe in my hard time I am being prepared for a greater purpose. The stone apearances is like a scare on a person it shows how it has succeded from all it has grown through the shapes and the size is the victory of believing.

so keep your head up believe and greater days are coming.


alcohol benefits

Everything consumed to a excess is bad for us as humans.just had think thank moment how people only dwell on the downside of the greatest invention since fire. I always grew up thinking that drinking alcohol is bad until i tasted the lovely liquid. I had to do a paper in university about the benefits of alcohol to the human health i thought it was a mountainous task to i had to visit some local medical practitioners.

They were astonished to hear my research that they thought my mind set was like most average person just thinking of risks of the substance that have made us live longer. here are some of the benefits of moderate drinking

It Can Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease The School of Public Health at Harvard University found that “moderate amounts of alcohol raises levels of high-density lipoprotein, HDL, or ‘good’ cholesterol and higher HDL levels are associated with greater protection against heart disease. Moderate alcohol consumption has also been linked with beneficial changes ranging from better sensitivity to insulin to improvements in factors that influence blood clotting….Such changes would tend to prevent the formation of small blood clots that can block arteries in the heart, neck, and brain, the ultimate cause of many heart attacks and the most common kind of stroke.

2. It Can Lengthen Your Life

Drinking occasionally could add a few years to your life. A study by the Catholic University of Campobasso reported that drinking less than four or two drinks per day for men and women respectively could reduce the risk of death by 18 percent,

3. It Can Improve Your Libido

Contrary to prior beliefs, newer research has found that moderate drinking might actually protect against erectile dysfunction in the same way that drinking red wine might benefit heart disease.

4. It Helps Prevent Against the Common Cold

The Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University found that while susceptibility to the common cold was increased by smoking, moderate alcohol consumption led to a decrease in common cold cases for non-smokers

5. It Can Decrease Chances Of Developing Dementia

In a study that included more than 365,000 participants since 1977, as reported in the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, moderate drinkers were 23 percent less likely to develop cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia

6. It Can Reduce The Risk Of Gallstones

Drinking two units of alcohol per day can reduce the risk of gallstones by one-third, according to researchers at the University of East Anglia. The study found that those who reported consuming two UK units of alcohol per day had a one-third reduction in their risk of developing gallstones

7. Lowers The Chance Of Diabetes

Results of a Dutch study showed that healthy adults who drink one to two glasses per day have a decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes, in comparison to those who don’t drink at all

im just highlighting some of the benefits of the drinks but does not necessarily take away the risk factors of consuming a drink that could be harmful if taken to access. The substance also have all other benefits that are not also medical for it relaxes people also make them have a good time the emotion is priceless for it creates experiences that are precious.

Time flies when you under this precious substance parties meeting dinners and also releases stress so i believe you can live longer with right dosages. so like the famous saying goes save water drink alcohol its healthy for your life.

bio metrical advances in international fraud

Today, Advances in international fraud and money movement and the dimensions in which the world is being brought closer to each other with communication, it makes so much sense that the financial sector adopt to the changes as well by making the trade lines more strict to curb the few individuals that would feel the need to beat the system with criminal intentions.

Most international banks have resorted in to installing bio metrical security measures to the movement of finances across the globe. The risk factor when it comes this sector is very high to the measures help the protection and make it safer to make transactions on your credit card or debit card to different parts of the world even in the same country.

We also did a survey my friends and I, checking out the trend patterns of human behaviour and as much as people talk spend time together even if in the vicinity you could never have the same DNA. The biological uniqueness has made it possible to form back up of every type of security voice pattern, finger print and eye have the most unique and distinct. Which means you can be more relaxed and feel that your financial securities to travel across the broad spectrum of the globe and not being able to afraid to transact although within the regulations of local legislations and judicial rules.

So its a safer environment to move money from one country to another i recalled  my friend mark sent some money quite recently with a good international financial institution We were so impressed how fast effecient the site was and safe to send money tyo our daughter in universities so now im pretty impressed by the fiancial revolutions in the business sector

mental colonialism

The beliefs that stereotype people because of race and the comparison that, one is better than others has been installed in us for such long time.I  believe that a policy installed in people to control the thought process of other people. This has controlled our societies and nations, I remember when I was growing up, changing suburb into a low density for a certain type of race would cause a panic for it removed people from comfort zones.

Have the society really levelled to a place were certain institution have also given loans and jobs to a different race because of the  stereotype trends instead of the individualism or the true definition of who is the better candidate. I have have been thinking are we still globally colonised that a black president for america caused so much noise.

I believe him running the country well should be a sign to his race that even his race can be able to run a powerful state and not run it down so all financial institutions when you giving out loans the credit rankings for the African race has to change because of Obama. so I believe we can live as human beings rather white of black we all grey the mindset moulding processes should us being proud of who we are being bold and kinked hair is the new beautiful.

the behavioural pattern

Today, I am posting with a heavy heart one of my peers and friend has departed from us. may her soul rest in peace and  should wish her well in her journey home. The changes in behavioural patterns being shown by the youths of today its astonishingly sad. I was thinking how when we grew up, I could take a stroll with my friends after supper and just hang out and it was pretty safe.

Evening study sessions were every student lifestyle, as that was  the available time for extra understanding of work  but this has turned out to be prey ground for perves and rapist. My dearly departed friend fell into the trap of these inhuman experiences im just happy she did not live to relive such inhumane behaviours.

whats the cause of these change of behaviour and brought about such  barbaric traits, is it external forces like television and literature influencing our pattern of humane lifestyle. the sudden change of behaviour has to b curbed and adjusted the psychosis of the next generation has to be moulded for the good.

my plan of action for a bettter and safer living space , people  stand up for the right to freedom and stop  the decay of our societies and environment. the change begins with you every positive ideology that u install to family friends next door neighbour their children will make a change on the future. what do u think can we built a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren


cultural disintergration

I believe in culture being brought up with a traditional African male who believe in sovereignty and upholding antihistorical beliefs. Econometrics have made me emigrate from place of birth in search for education and stability.

The multicultural elements of the new place of living has changed the way I live 3 years down the line, I am amazed at how a person can easily change the way they are and they live because of the change of ways of living.

So I wonder to myself are we really that easily influenced of our cultural that a mere change in environment can change the way we live and our thought process to be as easily disintegrated by the simple change in place of living as well as dynamics of environment.

I wish to find out from us as a forum how strong are the cultural believes and so can we stand stand strong to protected and preserve our beliefs so that they cant be disintegrated for the future generations to identified by our family culture.

So is the change an involvement of the way we are or our we losing our preservation for I believe the change of packaging is good but we can maintain a the basic for the betterment of our future a proud cultural people. Like chocolates you can change the wrapper but maintaining the flavour taste in recipes and the processing process you can maintain a distinctive taste that shows the pride of culture. So change in time can be well influence to change in livelihood but should not change the African pride in us of culture.

The circle of funds

Remittance plays a very crucial part in financial inclusion. Ideally, financial inclusion means having access to a savings or cheque account with a local bank.

So in essence, we can safely say that anyone who does not have a bank account is not financially included.

What exactly is financial inclusion?

It is basically the delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to the disadvantaged and low income groups.

In order to understand this better, let us look at the impacts of financial exclusion which include:

  • Loss of consumers: This will impact small businesses negatively.
  • Increased unemployment
  • General decline in investments.
  • Social exclusion.

How does remittance play a role in financial inclusion?


In simple terms remittance allows people who ordinarily do not have access to banking services to actually go into a bank with just their ID document and collect or send money.

So, although the banking system sometimes marginalises the already marginalised, remittance makes available the banking and payment services to the entire population without discrimination.

How computers have impacted lives over the years

A computer is a programmable machine which processes input data to output information. I doubt the inventors of computers ahd any idea how the machine would impact the world.

Back in the day, a computer would consume half a room, but nowadays, it can fit in the comfort of your own pocket, this goes to show how technology has progressed over the years.

There are many types of computers, with the popular being the desktop computer, laptops, smart phones, tablets, palm tops and mainframes which are not popular for public use, but for large institutions, that need to store large amounts of data.

Originally invented by Charles Babbage in 1833 as a tool for measuring navigational calculations, a number of scientists have worked on the original prototype, since 1930  making changes and innovating it into the modern computer.

Portable computers became popular in the 1990’s and this spurred on the need to miniaturize computers, as laptops became popular. Without the advent of smartphones, being the smallest a computer get get, we would not have imagine a world whee large amounts of data are processed at the same time as well as much information being transferred around the world. It is in fact the biggest thing to happen since the airplane was invented making people to be able to travel around the world with ease.


Making money online

The Internet is a very dangerous place for the naive, and many people have been ripped of by scammers who claim to make them an overnight fortune. I remember back in 2002, when my friends used to claim to have anonymous emails from some people from Nigeria claiming to need help retrieving their inheritance, I had no idea that 12 years down the line, my spam box would be full of over 1000 different variations of such emails.

This does not just happen  in you regular email inbox, but even on social networking sites such as Facebook as well. The culprits would put on a picture of an innocent girl claiming that their father, who was an army general, minister, or king died, and his inheritance was left for the poor girl who cannot access it (for some dumb reason) and that they need help to get those funds, in return your would get a slice of the supposed fortunes. You may think it is funny, but some people who are new to the on-line scene do get sucked into these scams and pay a hefty price for not being so cautious with their hard earned money.

Some people believe that someone somewhere around the world would just hand them a generous amount of money for nothing. I do not blame the gullible person for being scammed, it is after all human nature to be greedy and vain. However people need to understand what happens in the Internet world, before just taking the reins in their hands to become an overnight millionaire. I think society is to blame, for spreading the notion that people are making money on-line, without being specific about how the money is made.

Yes it is possible to become rich from capitalizing the Internet, but it is not an easy road as most people assume. it takes a lot of hard work and dedication . Of course there are those who make a killing for developing an application or social networking site, but that requires some in depth knowledge in coding, which most people do not have so they go for the easier option requiring one to deposit an X amount of money and expect 1000% growth in a short period of time.

I am putting it out there, people make money on-line from blogging, drop shipping, virtual assistance, free lancing skills e-commerce, adwords, affliliates and other platforms, none of which inloves injecting a huge some of money, and expecting it to be tripled in 5 days, with you just sitting. The web is full of adverts claiming that someone can make $500 dollars in fifteen minutes. Someone needs to use common sense and really ask themselves, what is the catch. If there is no clear path of how that money would be made, my best advice would be to leave that opportunity for someone else rather than cry fowl later on.